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Play up or across rule changes

The playup or across rule has changed slightly. All other play-up/.across rules apply eg can't play pitcher/catcher/short stop, etc.

It is now:


A player can play in another team up to a total of 3 times in a season. On the 4th and subsequent times the team the player has augmented forfeits the game. The exception to this rule is if the player is transferred to another team, and this must be approved by the MWSA committee prior to the game. The MWSA committee requires at least 24 hours to consider the request.

A special approval/exemption should be allowed to teams impacted by representative duties (MWSA, NSW, Australia). The Committee will consider requests from teams who are impacted in this way, and potentially allow exemptions from the rule (the playing up for that match would not count in the maximum of 3 games), as long as the following occurs:-

  1. the MWSA Committee is advised and approves this at least 24 hours before the match commences
  2. the player playing up is highlighted on the scoresheet, including which rep player specifically they were replacing
  3. the team has no more than 9 players (including the person playing up)

Clearly the Committee would consider other extraordinary circumstances but approval of an exemption remains at the discretion of the Committee.


Play up or across rules
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