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1970's Representative Teams

1978 Our First Rep teams - we are missing a few First name, Any Results, or any pictures

"Check" next to a players name indicates we may not have the correct Christian name or  part of the name is missing

1976 Pam Murdoch, Melissa Donkin, Tracey Gilbert, Ann O'Hara, Michelle Ratcliff and Steve Rhodes were selected as part of a Metropolitian team to compete in the Canberra Australia Day Tournament.

1976 Teams were selected to represent MWSA at the State Championships. No deals of what teams or the players.
From later minutes Gordon Donkin was asked to coach teh Senior 3 team after Leslie Hunt resigned.
The Senior Championship was held at the Narrabeen National Fitness Camp. There were 3 senior devisions and MWSA had a team in each division.
Mr A Williams was the Manager of the Senior 1 team.
There was an u/14 and an u/16 team 
Senior State Championship Results
Senior 1 in A grade  won 2 out of 6 games
Senior 2 in B Grade won 2 out of 6 games
Senior 3 in C grade won 1 out of 7 games.
Junior State Championship was hosted by Cumberland Nepean.
Sandra Donkin was selected for the NSW u/16 trials, however did not make the team. She was later added as a reserve to the team.
Patches were introduced for all rep players

U16 B Gardner (coach), Michelle Radcliffe and Maree Hayden (assistant coaches)
u19 C Rudd (Coach), Ann O'Hara and Tracey Gilbert (assistant coaches)

 1976    Selected in Metropolitain Team for Australia Day Tournament
     Pam Murdoch  Player     
     Melissa Donkin   Player    
     Tracey Gilbert   Player    
     Ann O'Hara   Palyer    
     Michelle Ratcliffe  Coach     
     Steve Rhodes  Coach     
 1976   teams were selected - no idea of which age or members
Cathy Cheadle Player
Cathy Clark Player
J Dowling Player Check
Pat Hughes Player
Leanne Leadbeater Player Check
Wendy Perger Player
Carolyn Plunkett Player
Jodie Sykes Player Check
Amanda Thompsn Player Check
C Thorne Player Check
Donna Thorne Player
Robyn Wheeler Player
Gordon Gunston Head Coach Check
Michelle Smith Assist Coach
Jo Plunkett Manager
Philip Smith Scorer
Beth Cassidy Player
Kym Cheadle Player
Melissa Donkin Player
Dianne Gunston Player
D Martin Player Check
Patricia Murdoch Player Check
Lisa Muspratt Player
Gilda Severino Player
F Stuart Player Check
Lisa Tanzabel Player Check
Melissa Tanzabel Player
Kylie Whipp Player
Karen White Player Check
Rhonda Dubedat Head Coach
Patricia O'Brien Assist Coach
Philip Smith Scorer
K Aikins Player Check
Carolyn Garland Player
Elizabeth Hanley Player
Liz Horne Player
Janet Johnson Player
Jodi Lette Player
Debie Tagg Player
Jacqui Tunbridge Player
Jodie Van Der Meulen Player
N Wilcox Player Check
Dana/Donna Williams Player Check
Maree Hayden Head Coach
Kerry Allan Assist Coach
Sandra Donkin Scorer
Senior 1
Sandra Donkin Player
Patricia Ferguson Player
Tilly Golgowski Player
Anne Grayden Player
Elizabeth Hanley Player
Glenda Hembron Player Vice Capt
Debbie Lafaber Player
Jodi Lette Player
Julia Nolan Player
Michelle Smith Player Capt
Debie Tagg Player
Jodie Van Der Meulen Player
Wendy Williams Player
Kerrie Wratten Player
Debbie Wych Player
Bill Gardiner Head Coach
Philip Smith Scorer
Catherine Elliott Umpire
Senior 2
Kerry Allan Player Capt
P Brady Player
Melissa Donkin Player
Carolyn Garland Player
Dianne Gunston Player
Maree Hayden Player Vice Capt
Michelle Hedger Player Check
Cathy Hogan Player
Margaret Langtip Player Check
Tina McCovat Player Check
Judith Mulckey Player
Lisa Muspratt Player
Patricia O'Brien Player
Melissa Tamzabel Player
Kristen Theile Player
Gordon Donkin Head Coach
Charles Saxby Scorer
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